Oct 13, 2018 - Zoltán Kovács

Brussels just keeps turning out more pro-migration plans

Brussels has just published its latest plans, and it’s a “collection of horror stories for the Hungarian people.” In his regular Friday morning radio interview Prime Minister Orbán touched on a number of topics, including Brussels’ intention to take away from member states their authority to protect the border, the global conflict between globalists and nationalists and the main driving force behind Hungarian foreign policy.

Speaking on Kossuth Rádió’s program Good Morning Hungary on Friday morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the reason Brussels continues to come up with immigration plans is that “after the EP elections, there might be an anti-migration majority on the continent.” 

“It’s like a collection of horror stories for the Hungarian people,” PM Orbán said about the liberal EU elite’s latest list of proposals. The list features - among other things – a permanent pro-migration program, opening up new avenues for legal immigration, experimental migration deals with African countries and a so-called “humanitarian visa”.

These plans, according to the prime minister, don’t mention border protection, instead they talk about border management. “The phrase border protection means that there is a border that we should protect, while the word border management means that there is a border, and we have to find a way through it,” the prime minister explained.

In the European Parliament, the PM added, it is always the liberals who lead the pro-migration agenda. He said that due to their massive financial and media backing, they can be considered the strongest parliamentary group. 

On the clash between globalists and nationalists, PM Orbán said that this is a rather global phenomenon, only that it’s not as visible in Hungary due to the “wounded” Hungarian opposition.

In his view, documents like the United Nations’ migration package are mere tools in the hands of “George Soros and the like” to pretend that they have received “global authorization.”

Responding to certain critical voices regarding Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Budapest this week, Prime Minister Orbán said that “the backbone of Hungarian foreign policy is that our task is to collect friends, not enemies.” The Turkish political system is the business of the Turks, not ours, he added.

“Hungary’s security is directly related to Turkish politics,” Orbán concluded adding that currently Turkey hosts some 4 million migrants who are not continuing their journey towards Europe because the Turks don’t allow them.