Apr 22, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Chief Medical Officer: 50 percent of all hospital beds have been successfully freed up in preparation for the virus’ peak

At today’s press conference, Hungary’s Coronavirus Operational Group discussed new protective gear shipments to elderly homes, education and exams in these extraordinary times, and the latest figures for criminal proceedings and compulsory home quarantine. Cecília Müller also revealed that 50 percent of all hospital beds have been successfully freed up in preparation for the peak of the virus.

Speaking at today’s Operational Group press conference, Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller revealed that, in line with the government’s decision, 50 percent of all hospital beds have been successfully freed up. “Not many patients had to be sent home, as only an average of 65-70 percent of hospital beds were previously occupied,” Müller said, noting that no one with potential health risks could be sent home.

“1.3 million surgical masks and 365,000 plastic gloves are currently being distributed among elderly homes and social care institutions,” the chief medical officer said. She stressed that it is still crucial to avoid any kind of physical contact that could result in transferring the disease. Those suffering from chronic disease need to “pay special attention” to take care of their underlying conditions in order to avoid “acute situations” due to the ongoing coronavirus threat, Müller emphasized.

Addressing questions in regard to education and graduating seniors, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology Tamás Schanda said that the educational platform will be launched in the coming days, so those applying to higher education can submit their documents online. “Even under these extraordinary circumstances, we strive to equip young people with competitive knowledge,” Schanda said, adding that this new generation of students will also contribute to getting the economy back on its feet once the epidemic is over.

“Over the last 24 hours, 702 compulsory home quarantines have been instituted; altogether there are now 11,049 in effect,” Lieutenant Colonel of Police Róbert Kiss reported. He further announced that they have had to use sanctions in 28,610 cases due to movement restriction violations. “Criminal proceedings have been launched in 265 cases altogether,” Kiss said in closing.