Jun 05, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Operational Group: Budapest is still the most infected area in the country

At today’s Operational Group presser, officials reported that 41 percent of active infections are in Budapest and there is no evidence that coronavirus will go away when hot weather arrives this summer.

At today's press conference of the Operational Group, Cecíla Müller, Hungary’s chief medical officer, reported that "the epidemiological situation in Hungary is still favorable," adding that there are even three counties where there are no infections at all. However, Budapest is still the most infected area of the country.

"Today, Friday, the number of active infections stands at 1,183 of which 41 percent are in Budapest," the CMO said, adding that "the number of people in hospitals has dropped below 400."

Answering a question, Müller said that "several believe the coronavirus will take on a seasonal nature, but there is no evidence for this." She added that "the environmental factor only affects the spread [of the virus], but the pandemic also exists in countries where the weather is very hot."

In addition, Róbert Kiss, lieutenant colonel of the Hungarian Police, announced that "citizens from Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia could enter Hungary without any compulsory home quarantine starting today at 8 a.m."