Mar 31, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Operational Group: Changes are coming to coronavirus data provided

At today’s press conference for Hungary's Coronavirus Operational Group, Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller said that more information will be provided about those who have died from coronavirus. She also reiterated that the number of infected people is definitely higher than the number of confirmed cases.

Hungary’s Chief Medical Officer, Cecília Müller, said at today’s Operational Group press conference that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Hungary has increased by 46 and now stands at 492 infections. “The numbers of deaths and recovered patients have also increased,” she said, adding that “there are 37 recovered patients and 16 who passed away from the coronavirus, all of whom suffered from other chronic diseases.”

Regarding the data on those who die from the virus, Müller said that a new scheme will be introduced on the Government’s official website. “More detailed information will be provided from now on,” she said, adding that the new details “will include the age, gender and pre-existing illnesses of the deceased.”

The Chief Medical Officer also emphasized that the real number of infected people in Hungary is obviously higher than the confirmed number. “There are only estimates of the exact number [of infected]. There are several people out there who are infected with no symptoms or people who have already recovered from the virus,” Müller said. “That is why it is extremely important to avoid all contact and slow down the spread of the virus.”

Róbert Kiss, Lieutenant Colonel of the Police, announced that the Coronavirus Protection Act has come into force, and all government decrees will be in force until the end of the epidemic.

“With the help of Waberer’s logistics company, protective health equipment was shipped to 82 hospitals,” Kiss said, adding that the assigned hospital commanders are now working in 108 hospitals across the country. “According to the reports made by the commanders to the Operational Group, there is enough equipment available at these institutions,” Kiss stated.

On the topic of the movement restrictions, the Lieutenant Colonel said that these are definitely helping to flatten the curve of the virus. He also added that the police are continuously checking up on compliance with the prescribed rules and compulsory home quarantines.