Apr 20, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Operational Group: Coronavirus is expected to peak on May 3

The Chief Medical Officer revealed that human resources are currently being secured to meet requirements in preparation for the estimated May 3 peak of the epidemic. More than 1,000 have applied as volunteers, while 13,000 have applied for special training.

Speaking at today’s Operational Group press conference, Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller confirmed that there are currently 811 patients undergoing treatment in Hungary’s hospitals, 60 of whom are on ventilators. The number of tests administered is continuously growing and now stands at 48,057, Müller added.

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Hungary has reached 1,984, and 10 elderly people with chronic underlying conditions passed away in the last 24 hours, increasing the death toll to 199. The Chief Medical Officer also noted that “267 have already left the hospital as recovered patients.”

With the epidemic expected to peak on May 3, the government is securing the human resources required to manage the potentially increasing number of patients. Müller revealed that more than 1,000 have applied as volunteers, while 13,000 have applied for special training, adding that “2,822 doctors, 8,800 nurses and 659 volunteers have already passed the exams.”

Reporting on the number of compulsory home quarantines, Lieutenant Colonel of Police Róbert Kiss reported that the figures have been decreasing for days now. Currently, there are 11,240 cases of compulsory home quarantine in effect. “Over the weekend, police officers had to take action in 3,955 cases due to the violation of movement restrictions,” Kiss said, adding that criminal proceedings have so far been launched in 241 cases.

On Sunday, Kiss concluded, two planeloads of medical equipment to combat the virus arrived in Hungary.