May 03, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Operational Group: High school final exams to take place starting tomorrow despite coronavirus

Today’s Operational Group press conference was attended by Zoltán Maruzsa, state secretary for Education at the Ministry of Human Capacities, who spoke about the commencement of this year’s high school final exams tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Róbert Kiss said that the total number of actions taken by police due to the coronavirus epidemic has topped 40,000 this weekend.

Speaking about this year’s final exams for graduating seniors, set to begin tomorrow morning, State Secretary for Education Zoltán Maruzsa said that “exams can take place because the epidemic did not get out of control in Hungary.” However, the state secretary added, exams will only consist of a written part.

“Masks and gloves have arrived at schools,” Maruzsa noted, explaining that students and teachers will be provided with appropriate protective gear to avoid infection. To further minimize risk, he said, a maximum of 10 students will be allowed per room.

Addressing the “second phase of defense against the coronavirus,” Lieutenant Colonel of Police Róbert Kiss said that movement restrictions will remain in place in Budapest and the surrounding Pest County. Kiss revealed that during the weekend, police officers have intervened 3,512 times, issued 1,705 warnings and launched legal proceedings in 775 cases. “Altogether, the number of police actions due to the epidemic has topped 40,000 this weekend,” he concluded.

Infectious disease specialist Dr. János Szlávik, the third official to attend today’s press conference, confirmed that scientists and doctors have learned much about the virus over the last two months. “It hardly affects small children, but it’s especially perilous for elderly people,” Szlávik said, adding that a vaccine could be developed by as early as this autumn.

Currently, there are 2,998 confirmed coronavirus cases in Hungary. In compulsory home quarantine: 10,786. Recovered: 629. Deceased: 340.