May 02, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Operational Group: Hungary establishes scientific consortium to fight the coronavirus

Hungarian hospitals are working with several promising medicines; Budapest residents cannot travel to the countryside without good reason, and those aged over 65 are still most at risk.

During today’s Operational Group press conference, Dr. István Vályi-Nagy, Chief Physician at the South-Pest Center Hospital, spoke about the establishment of a scientific consortium under the leadership of Miklós Kásler, Minister of the Human Capacities, where the blood plasma of those who have already had the disease is currently being processed.

“Blood plasma collection and testing is underway, with more and more potential donors,” Vályi-Nagy said. “Roughly 300 potential donors who have recovered from the disease have so far been notified by Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller, asking them to donate plasma,” he added.

Regarding the use of Remdesivir, which the US Medicines Agency has approved to treat the coronavirus, the chief physician said it is considered an effective drug, which can be used intravenously and only in a hospital. “Hungary is among the first to participate in clinical trials in the region, next to Poland,” he said.

Meanwhile, Róbert Kiss, Lieutenant Colonel of the Hungarian Police Force, said that under new measures coming into effect on May 4, everyone living in Budapest and Pest County will be able to leave their home only for good reason, “those who violate this rule will be committing an offense,” he said. Kiss added that residents of these areas will still not be able to visit their relatives in the countryside.

Finally, Kiss highlighted that the authorities have asked people over the age of 65 to leave their homes only when absolutely necessary, even in the countryside, as they are the most at risk.