Apr 27, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Operational Group: Nearly 500 have recovered from coronavirus

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Hungary grew to 2,583, while 280 have succumbed to the epidemic thus far. At the Operational Group’s regular press conference, officials spoke about incoming shipments of protective gear, police actions against those violating movement restrictions, a new form of treatment, and the success of the free parking policy. Cecília Müller also explained how to wear masks properly.

“So far, 498 have recovered from coronavirus,” Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller said, beginning today’s press conference. Meanwhile, additional Hungarian citizens have been diagnosed with COVID-19, raising the number of confirmed cases to 2,583. Eight patients with underlying chronic conditions succumbed to the virus during the previous 24 hours as well.

“Right now, there are 931 coronavirus patients currently being treated in hospitals; 52 of them are on ventilators,” Müller added.

Explaining the proper use of masks, the chief medical officer briefly discussed how surgical masks prevent the spread of disease, while special FF3 masks protect those wearing them from contracting one. “It’s important to wear the mask properly so that it covers both the mouth and the nose while being as tight as possible,” she noted, adding that washing your hands is mandatory before and after wearing a mask.

Responding to a question, Müller said that the testing of a new form of blood-plasma treatment is underway: Although the test subject is in stable condition, more time is needed to know how effective the treatment may be.

“Seven cargo planes of protective gear will arrive in Hungary on Monday,” reported Róbert Kiss, Lieutenant Colonel of the Hungarian Police. He added that the shipment will include more than 17 tons of plastic gloves and 16 tons of surgical masks.

During the weekend, Kiss continued, police officers had to launch proceedings in 3,631 cases for the violation of current movement restrictions.

The lieutenant colonel also reported on the government’s free-parking measure. “[It] has been in force for three weeks now, with the goal of reducing the use of public transport. From what we have seen, we have succeeded in achieving this goal, as passengers are now able to keep a safe distance,” Kiss said in closing.

Photo credit: Origo