May 11, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Operational Group: Number of infected remained low due to early, effective measures

Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller said at today’s Operational Group press conference that despite a period when the number of infected grew rapidly, this period did not last long due to effective measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus.


“The curve of the [coronavirus] epidemic shows that it grew week by week,” Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller said during the Operational Group’s regular press conference earlier today. “This means that the number of infected people grew gradually,” she added.

According to the CMO, while there was a period when the number of coronavirus infections grew rapidly, this period was short due to effective measures taken against the spread of the disease.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases currently stands at 3,284, which means that there are 1,905 active cases right now. The government obtains the number of active cases, Müller explained, by subtracting the number of recovered patients (958) and those who passed away (421) from the total. “The number of those who succumbed to the virus is, of course, a reason for sorrow. However, the figures place Hungary in the bottom third of Europe,” Müller said.

“Typically, elderly people with chronic conditions have passed away due to the coronavirus,” the CMO said, adding that eight people in the 40-49 age group have died, and three between 30-39.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel of the Hungarian Police Róbert Kiss revealed that 378 people have voluntarily agreed to use the supervisory software designed to monitor them while in compulsory home quarantine. Currently, there are 10,955 compulsory home quarantines in force.

Kiss confirmed that in rural Hungary, police officers have employed sanctions in 534 cases due to the violation of coronavirus protection measures. So far, they have launched 85 proceedings for scaremongering and the spreading of fake news.

Photo credit: Origo