Apr 03, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

Operational Group: We are still at the stage of cluster infections

At today’s Coronavirus Operational Group press conference, Cecília Müller said that more densely populated areas have higher infection rates, but patients can be found in all counties throughout Hungary. Additionally, Lieutenant Colonel of the Police Róbert Kiss said that more and more are violating compulsory home quarantine and putting the country’s defense against the virus at risk.

Speaking at the daily press conference of the Coronavirus Operational Group, Chief Medical Officer Cecíla Müller said that the number of confirmed cases in Hungary has risen to 623 and that five more elderly patients had passed away in the previous 24 hours; additionally, the number of recovered patients now stands at 43.

"The number of laboratory tests has also increased significantly, standing at almost 18,000," she said, adding that "Hungary is still in the stage of cluster infections." Regarding laboratory testing, Müller said that Hungary is acting in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. "It is unnecessary to test the entire country because the information received would not affect the treatment of the epidemic," she said.

Müller also drew attention to the importance of keeping normal, day-to-day rules of hygiene and that it remains extremely important to avoid places where the virus can be transmitted. "More densely populated areas do have higher infection rates, but patients can be found in all counties," the Chief Medical Officer said, adding that "taking care of vulnerable groups is the only way to slow the spread of the epidemic."

Róbert Kiss, Lieutenant Colonel of the Police, noted that hospitals are prepared for a period of large-scale infection. "A redeployment protocol is also in place, and 31 more hospitals received new protective equipment,” he said, adding that additional healthcare equipment is on its way to Hungary as well.

The Lieutenant Colonel also reported that more and more people are unfortunately breaking the rules of compulsory home quarantine, putting Hungary’s fight against the epidemic at risk.