Mar 11, 2019 - Zoltán Kovács

PM Orbán at NATO anniversary in Warsaw: “If we do not take help where it is needed, then the problems will come to us”

The role of NATO will be enhanced due to Europe’s fragile security, said Prime Minister Orbán on Sunday, as he thanked the Visegrád countries for their help defending the southern borders of Hungary from illegal migration. The PM was speaking at a celebration in Wesoła, Poland, marking the twentieth anniversary of the accession to NATO of Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, and the fifteenth anniversary of Slovakia’s joining the alliance.

Hungary currently has 692 troops serving military missions, with another 130 soon to be deployed. They deliver security and assistance to the conflict zones, to the hotspots where the assistance is needed. “If we do not take help where it is needed in good time,” said PM Orbán, “then the problems will come to us,” added that “even in difficult missions our soldiers have held their own”.

Thanks to their economic strength, the countries of the Visegrád Group exceed their commitments as members of NATO, which was established in order to create peace, security, stability and prosperity and which “are also the values we want to preserve today,” said the prime minister.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš emphasized the important role of NATO in the defense and security of the Visegrád countries. Regarding the challenges facing the European Union, PM Babiš said there is no need for a common, European army and added he would rather not have European defense “directed by a European secretary and security measures coordinated in a chaotic way like the Euro zone”.

On another event held in Warsaw at the Hungarian Embassy, Prime Minister Orbán decorated Kornel Morawiecki, senior speaker of the Sejm, with Hungary’s second highest state distinction, the Silver Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary. PM Orbán recalled the activities of the senior speaker in the anti-communist opposition and remarked that the indomitable bearing of Kornel Morawiecki inspired many in Hungary. Accepting the award, Morawiecki expressed the wish that many centuries of Polish-Hungarian friendship "should be an example and guide for building such a Europe and a safe, peaceful, intelligent world".