Oct 22, 2019 - Zoltán Kovács

PM Orbán: “Homeland cannot be in opposition”

Opening the fall session of the Hungarian Parliament yesterday, PM Orbán said that it is ready to cooperate with all mayors and local councils that will cooperate and that everyone must work for Hungary and the Hungarian people. He also noted Fidesz’s continued strength and mandate, family policy success, further economic goals, the EU’s mistake regarding Albania and North Macedonia, and carbon neutrality.

Speaking on the first day of the National Assembly’s fall session, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán kicked off his speech by reminding those gathered that everyone, regardless of their party affiliation, must work for Hungary and the Hungarian people. In this spirit, according to the prime minister, the Government’s position has been clear: It is ready to cooperate with every mayor and local council that is open and willing.

The “homeland cannot be in opposition” to itself, PM Orbán emphasized.

“It gives particular recognition to the government,” PM Orbán added, “that the ruling parties have won more than 50 percent of all votes.” With this legitimacy, he said, the government can now proceed with the policies promoting a work-based economy, pro-family Hungary, rising wages, support for the elderly, home ownership, and national unification.

In contrast to the Government’s open, constructive attitude in relation to working with opposition mayors and local councils towards a better Hungary, the actions of a desperate MP during the PM’s speech in Parliament yesterday (read more here) has again demonstrated the main difference between the governing Fidesz-KDNP alliance and the notorious anti-Orbán bloc: While the former puts the country’s interest above all else, this muck swill coalition of unsavories will go to shameful lengths, employing what could only be described as the rudest, most vulgar language, for their own political gain.

Touching upon the results of the family support action plan, PM Orbán said that so far more than 65 thousand Hungarians have already received support totaling HUF 650 billion (EUR 1.97 billion).

“The Government wants more and better,” said the PM, after emphasizing Hungary’s success with both unemployment, which has fallen to 3.4 percent, and GDP growth, which as of 2019 Q1 stands at 5.2 percent. There are some 800 thousand more jobs today than in 2010, employing 4.5 million Hungarians.

The prime minister also stressed the fact that public debt has dropped to 68 percent, with only 20 percent of it now in foreign hands – a solid 30 percent drop from 50 percent in 2010.

On EU affairs, PM Orbán said that we have managed to elect a Commission President who could be capable of fixing its mistakes, a person that respects Hungarians instead of insulting them.

On the enlargement front, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán added, “The EU said no to accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, and it was a bad decision.”

“Hungary does have a climate goal,” the PM said in closing, “but CO2 neutrality by 2050 only seems possible if we receive serious economic assistance.” According to Viktor Orbán, Hungary would need around 150 billion euros to become climate neutral.

Photo credit: MTI