Mar 04, 2020 - Zoltán Kovács

PM Orbán: Two cases of coronavirus encountered in Hungary

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Prime Minister Orbán said that treatment of the two Iranian students is underway.

“Hungary has all the personnel, facilities and regulations in place to handle the situation,” Prime Minister Orbán said in a short video posted on his Facebook page following news about the first two cases of coronavirus in Hungary. Treatment of the two Iranian students who have been infected with coronavirus is underway, he added.

Earlier today, at an emergency meeting of V4 prime ministers in Prague due to the growing coronavirus threat, Prime Minister Orbán began his brief press statement by thanking Czech PM Andrej Babiš for convening the summit. “It was a very good decision, as the virus has by now arrived from exotic countries into our reality here in Central Europe,” PM Orbán said.

“We knew all along that – sooner or later – it would reach Europe because in our modern world it’s not only goods and people, but also viruses that can flow freely,” PM Orbán said.

According to the Hungarian PM, the Visegrád Group synchronized its efforts, looked at the potential threats and reviewed precautionary steps to be taken at today’s meeting. “We have identified two types of threats: One concerns public health and the other has to do with the economy. Today, we dealt with the public health concern. Prime Minister Babiš is right: People are much more important than money or the economy,” the prime minister said.

I am happy to see, PM Orbán continued, that the V4 demonstrated it can effectively cooperate not only when it comes to the economy, but can also help one another in times of trouble.