Hungarians abroad

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Homecoming: Remember that argument about how Hungarians are emigrating in masses?

Oct 16, 2019 - Zoltán Kovács

If you’ve read anything about Hungary over the last nine years, you’ve most certainly encountered the argument that Hungarians are leaving the country by the thousands. Because of Prime Minister Orbán, of course. While emigration has indeed been a challenge for many of the countries of the CEE region, PM Orbán has been part of the solution rather than the cause. And our fellow Hungarians are, in fact, coming home.

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Ethnic Hungarians: a nation in a united Europe

Nov 02, 2017 - Zoltán Kovács

As a result of wars and the re-drawing of borders that have taken place in recent centuries, today’s borders in Europe rarely correspond to the physical location of the continent’s national groups. About one third of the 15 million-strong, ethnic Hungarian community, lives outside the borders of Hungary, mostly in the Carpathian Basin. These Hungarian communities, just as much as any other European national minorities, have the right to maintain their thousand year-old culture in the European Union.