Mar 30, 2021

2,011,029 people in Hungary have already been vaccinated against COVID-19

The total number of people infected with the coronavirus now stands at 652,433, while 302 more Hungarians succumbed to the virus yesterday.


With 6,700 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hungary, the number of total cases now stands at 652,433. Meanwhile, 302 more Hungarians succumbed to the virus yesterday and the number of those who have recovered grew to 406,935. The number of active coronavirus cases now stands at 224,761.

2,011,029 people have so far been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Hungary and mass inoculation is ongoing.

There are currently 12,346 people hospitalized with COVID-19, 1,492 of whom are on ventilators.

In order to protect all lives during the pandemic, the following restrictive measures will be in force beginning March 8:

Nurseries and primary schools will be closed until April 7. Digital learning in secondary schools and higher education remains in place.

All non-essential shops must remain closed.

All services, with a few exceptions, e.g. private healthcare, are suspended.

A curfew remains in place between 8:00 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Obligatory, universal mask-wearing.

Restaurants remain closed except for takeout and delivery.

Physical distancing of one-and-a-half meters will remain in place.

Employers are asked to ensure their employees can work from home if possible.

Fitness centers and gyms will have to close as well. Outdoor sports activities are permitted if the minimum 1.5-meter distance can be kept. Professional athletes must compete behind closed doors.

Public areas and parks remain open.

International travel will be tightened.

Ban on visitation in hospitals and elderly homes.

All forms of assembly are forbidden.

Free public parking.

The wage support and tax benefit program already in place for hotels, bars and restaurants will be extended to cover all shops and services that need to close. 

The Hungarian Police will enforce these restrictions by imposing fines and closing up places that violate the special rules.