Jul 04, 2016

350 illegal immigrants arrested over weekend

The numbers of illegal immigrants caught crossing the Hungarian border is steadily increasing to over 200 per day on average

350 illegal immigrants were arrested after crossing the border over the weekend, it has been announced.

According to MTI, the National Police Headquarters revealed that between Friday and Sunday 350 people crossed the border illegally and were apprehended in Hungary.

During the first weeks of the year, the number of migrants crossing Hungary’s borders illegally averaged around 10, in February, March and April however, there were a number of days on which over 200 people were apprehended. This number peaked last Wednesday with 265 cases in just one day.

Between Monday and Sunday, Police apprehended 1,076 people for illegal border crossing; one week earlier the number of cases amounted to 637.

According to information on criminal offences related to migration from the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court, the composition of migrants in terms of citizenship is very diverse as there are many, who claim themselves to be Afghani, Syrian or Pakistani citizens, or nationals of one of the North African countries, but migrants also arrive from more distant places like Haiti or Sri Lanka.