Feb 19, 2016 - MTI

Italy Politically Blackmailing V4 Countries

In Government Spokesman Zoltán Kovacs's opinion, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzo is politically blackmailing both Hungary and the V4. According to news reports he stated that EU subsidies should be reduced for the offending countries if they do not accept the mandatory resettlement quotas.


The Government Spokesman stated Friday morning that the position of the Visegrád countries is that they will absolutely not accept mandatory quotas and this will not be a solution for Europe. He added that the point is not to oppose the quotas but to implement a European solution that had been outlined earlier.


Zoltán Kovács also stated that migrant policies up until now have been a failure because they are unenforceable. As an example he cited the necessity of an agreement between the EU and Turkey and that Greece should enforce the Schengen rules.


Too few steps have been taken by the V4 countries to stop illegal migration.