Jan 11, 2016

Reinstating Military Conscription is not Necessary

In response to a statement by Sweden’s foreign minister, on Sunday Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi told public television channel M1 that the Government of Hungary does not see the necessity for reintroduction of military conscription. Keeping the manpower of the reserve force at appropriate levels is important however, he stressed.

The Chief Security Advisor added that five-party talks on regulating deployment of the defence forces will start on Tuesday. The aim of the discussions will be to introduce a new qualified period in the Fundamental Law of Hungary. 

Talking about recent events in Cologne, Mr. Bakondi said that, like secret services across the world, Hungarian authorities have all the technical resources that could facilitate detection of organisational activities for incidents similar to the one seen on New Year’s Eve.

He also emphasised that Hungarian authorities are in close contact with international partner organisations. He added that external border controls are essential, because allowing access to the European Union without security controls poses a potential public and national security threat in itself. 

Mr. Bakondi explained that the Government of Hungary is also doing everything in its powers at V4 forums to emphasise the importance of external border protection and to make every other solution dependent upon this.