May 24, 2019

Brain Bar returns to Budapest

The Brain Bar lecture series will take place between May 30th and 31st at Corvinus University.

This year’s Brain Bar lecture series will feature internationally-renowned scholars such as psychology-guru Jordan Peterson, network science specialist Albert-Lászlo Barabási and robotics artist Ken Goldberg.

According to a report by Magyar Nemzet, cryptocurrencies, dinosaurs, post humanism and big data will be among the main threads.

Organizer Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy said the event looks for two, equally important traits when it comes to choosing the right speaker. First of all, they must be excellent, highly-trained storytellers able to maintain a certain level of excitement amongst the members of the audience. Equally importantly, they should have achieved something unique in their respective field - though what this entails changes on a regular basis.

Founded in 2015, Brain Bar has grown from a small conference to an annual event with thousands of attendees. Exploring technological developments and economic trends from a humanistic perspective, the event attained popularity due to its modern, contemporaneous atmosphere, and its emphasis on the free exchange of ideas.

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