Oct 18, 2018

Brexit talks lead agenda at Heads of State summit in Brussels

The three-day Heads of State summit in Brussels included talks on Brexit, Russia and border control

Brexit talks were top of the agenda at the Heads of State summit in Brussels on Wednesday, where the British Prime Minister joined leaders of all EU Member States at a working dinner to iron-out problematic issues surrounding Britain’s exit from the bloc.

The event was then followed by a meeting of the remaining 27 member states and with Michel Barnier, the EU’s Brexit negotiator.

The three-day summit continued today with the Heads of State meeting with the President of the European Parliament, followed by the presentation of Sebastian Kurz, Head of the EU Presidency and Austria’s Chancellor concerning the current state of affairs and the implementation of previously discussed decisions.

Sources conclude that the aim of the meeting is to send a strong message to migrant smugglers and to raise awareness of the protection of the external borders, with close cooperation of migrant countries at the point of origin and transit.

In response to the recent activities of Russia, the group also discussed possible new sanctions to strengthen cyber security and reduce the use of chemical weapons.

The event will also include an EU information summit that focuses on discussing the possibility of further deepening the economic and monetary union. The day will end with the opening ceremony of the 12th Asia-Europe (ASEM) Summit and Gala Dinner.

On Friday, at the 12th Asia-Europe (ASEM) Summit, participants will discuss the possibilities of strengthening cooperation between Europe and Asia, and as evidence of the seriousness of their cooperation intent, the European Union is to sign a free trade agreement with Singapore.

Finally, a summit will be held between the EU and South Korea, and between the EU and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to conclude proceedings.