Oct 04, 2018

Budapest Airport launches new flights to Georgia, Israel, France and the UK

New flight routes are expected on many airlines, including EasyJet, MyWay, LOT and more

The latest in a long line of flight route additions to Budapest Airport, new flights to Georgia have been announced.

According to MTI, Georgian airline MyWay is set to launch a service between Budapest and Tbilisi. Reports state that MyWay will fly between the two capital cities three times a week in the winter season starting on October 28th.

New flight routes are expected on other airlines. EasyJet will launch flights to London Southend and Manchester twice a week. Wizz Air will fly to Doncaster/Sheffield three times a week, and Polish LOT to London City fourteen times a week.

Budapest Airport also revealed that Wizz Air will fly to Ovda, Israel, and Ryanair to Amman and Marseille.