Aug 17, 2016

Budapest is the perfect city to host the 2024 Olympic Games

Budapest is in with a strong chance of winning the 2024 Olympic Games bid, the first central European city to host the event

Budapest plans to host a compact and manageable Olympics with a human face, if they secure the winning bid for 2024, it has been revealed today.

“Budapest does have a chance. We are proud of participating in this competition and we intend to win it,” Balazs Furjes, the Hungarian government official in charge of Budapest’s bid for the 2024 Games, told a press conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Budapest will provide the world’s top athletes a secure environment in the event of winning its bid, in which case it will become the first central European city to host the Summer Games, he said.

Attila Mizser, Olympic champion modern pent-athlete and sports director of Budapest 2024 Nonprofit, said the Olympic venues would be located close to one another, with some linked by the Danube. “The whole city would become a fantastic Olympic park,” he said.

Gusztav Bienerth, another senior official in charge of the bid, said that Hungary’s economy is “in good shape”. Generating sufficient funds to organize the event in seven years’ time would not overly burden the state budget, he added.

The IOC is likely to select a low-risk venue for the 2024 Olympics, and Budapest meets this expectation, he said.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is scheduled to meet in Lima next year to select the host of the 2024 Games, reports