Mar 09, 2016

Coming to an Agreement is in Everyone’s Best Interests

The Government Spokesperson believes that coming to an agreement with Turkey is in the best interests of every party to the negotiations, including Hungary, but the terms of the agreement are not indifferent.

Zoltán Kovács said on the Tuesday morning programme of the public service news television channel M1 with respect to the Brussels migration summit held the day before that the leaders of Europe were discussing issues which will determine the lives of generations to come. New proposals were also tabled at the meeting; however, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is vehemently opposed to the concept, based on which people should be transported from Turkey to Europe, he added. 

The Government Spokesperson said: there are a number of issues yet to be clarified regarding the Turkish-European agreement, and the parties to the negotiations will have to work hard for the agreement to take a shape which will be acceptable for everyone. 

Mr Kovács also pointed out that there are contrasting views clashing with one another: while Slovakia sides with Hungary, the position of Greece is diagonally opposed. 

Mr Orbán said after the summit in the early hours of Tuesday that the times have come to an end when one could travel via the Western-Balkans routes without controls. EU leaders have decided: the routes of people smugglers have to be closed, which means that order must also be restored at the borders, he added.