Jun 08, 2016

Constitutional changes are in the best interest of Hungarians and their safety

Police and the agencies of internal security will be given funds and support units that will enable them to meet the challenges of terrorism

The amendment to the Fundamental Law passed by Parliament, along with the counter-terrorism package of the Ministry of Interior, serve the everyday security of the Hungarian people, said Bence Tuzson, state secretary for Government Communication.

The state secretary takes the view that in the wake of the legislative amendments, the police and the agencies of internal security will be given the funds and support units that will enable them to rise to the challenges of terrorism, while the amendment of the Fundamental Law and the related defence legislation will permit the deployment of the defence forces in Hungary in the event of a threat of terrorism.

He stressed that they find it regrettable that there were members of parliament and political parties that did not support these two legislative packages. He described those who voted against the amendments as irresponsible.

In reference to the Istanbul bomb attacks on Tuesday, he added: these are genuine threats, and one must also see clearly that they cannot be separated from the issue of illegal immigration, given that as part of this process, terrorists are entering the territory of the European Union.

The state secretary also said that it is an important task and a joint responsibility to draw the necessary conclusions from the terrorist attacks that occurred in Europe and elsewhere, and to ensure that nothing of the kind should ever happen in Hungary.

István Simicskó, Minister of Defense, highlighted that they hope Hungary will not be the scene of terrorist attacks. However, should this be the case, the duly prepared forces of the Hungarian military are available to guarantee the security of the Hungarian people.

The Minister stressed that parliament passed the amendment to the Fundamental Law with a 77 percent majority.