May 04, 2020

Coronavirus Update: 3,035 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hungary

More Hungarian citizens have been diagnosed with COVID-19, bringing the confirmed number of cases in Hungary to 3,035.


More detailed data has been listed on the official website today. The results show that 63 percent of those infected, 79 percent of the deceased, and 51 percent of those recovered live in Budapest or Pest County.

The number of confirmed people infected with the coronavirus in Hungary now stands at 3,035. In compulsory home quarantine: 10,459. Recovered: 630. Deceased: 351

There are currently 1,027 patients hospitalized with the coronavirus, 55 of those are on ventilators. Due to the increase in the number of patients, hospitals have prepared for the phase of cluster infections and increased their bed capacity, starting the second phase of healthcare.

Hungary is now in the period of cluster infections when the virus spreads via social interaction. The disease can, therefore, be present anywhere. The restrictions on movements are still in force in Budapest and Pest County. New rules will come into effect in the countryside from today.

It’s still vital for everyone to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters and cover their face in shops and on public transport. It is recommended to stay at home and observe the rules and recommendations, especially elderly people, students, and those who have returned from abroad.

A call center set up for advice on the coronavirus can be reached on +36-80-277-455 and +36-80-277-456 or by email