Mar 23, 2020

Coronavirus Update: Another elderly man passes away and the number of those recovered has increased to 21

An 80-year-old man, already suffering from chronic illness, has died from the coronavirus, but the number of those recovered has increased, with a total of 21 now having left the hospital fully cured.

The coronavirus epidemic in Hungary has now entered the phase of mass disease, where the virus spreads rapidly through a community via personal contact. The virus can now be present in anyone and anywhere in Hungary.

In order to slow down the development of cluster infections, it is very important that the elderly, students and those returning from abroad, as well as anyone else able to do so, stay home. Everyone should also follow all rules and recommendations prescribed by the Government.

Our most sincere condolences to the families of the deceased.

Only together can we slow down the epidemic and flatten the curve.

A call center set up for advice on the coronavirus can be reached on +36-80-277-455 and +36-80-277-456 or by email