Mar 16, 2020

Coronavirus Update: ELMÜ-ÉMÁSZ temporarily suspends customer service offices

In the interest of protecting the health of its customers and staff members, the electricity provider ELMÜ-ÉMÁSZ is temporarily suspending personal customer services in all its customer service offices.

From today, customers will be able to request the processing of any administrative issues they may have via the company’s digital platforms; namely, online, by telephone or in e-mail. The decision will remain in force until revoked.

ELMÜ-ÉMÁSZ is doing everything it can to contribute to the measures implemented by the government with a view to preventing the spread of the coronavirus and preparing for a possible epidemic. The goal of the company is to protect the health of its customers, staff members, partners and relatives, and at the same time to guarantee the security of its services during the recently declared state of emergency. Therefore, in addition to the precautions taken earlier, from today ELMÜ-ÉMÁSZ will temporarily suspend personal customer services in all its customer service offices.

Without personal appearance, customer services – which during the period ahead will be available on ELMÜ-ÉMÁSZ’s digital platforms, by telephone, e-mail and online – will be simpler, swifter and, in the present situation, safer. ELMÜ-ÉMÁSZ is asking customers to contact its online customer services ( – and if they have not yet done so to register – where the following services are available:

-          registering the reading of your meter

-          viewing your bills and balance of payments

-          paying your bills

-          changing over to e-billing

-          receiving notifications about planned power cuts

In the interest of avoiding long waiting times, they are asking for customers’ cooperation in only contacting their telephone customer services in urgent cases during the period ahead.

ELMÜ-ÉMÁSZ earlier decided not to disconnect any of its retail customers due to long-term bill debts. With the voluntary disconnection moratorium, the company is seeking to guarantee a safe electricity supply for all its customers during the state of emergency.