Sep 06, 2016

Czech Republic sends fifty police officers to help patrol Hungarian-Serbian border

The Czech policemen are assisting Hungary’s border protection efforts as part of a Visegrad Four cooperation initiative

Police officers from the Czech Republic have arrived in Hungary to help patrol the Hungarian-Serbian border, it has been reported today.

The contingent of fifty Czech policemen are aiding Hungary’s border protection efforts as part of a cooperation framework of the Visegrad Four (V4) group that also includes Poland and Slovakia.

At a welcoming ceremony for the policemen, László Tasnádi, state secretary, said the V4 countries had been the first in the European Union to respond to the challenges posed by migration.

Tasnádi told the Czech officers that although they can only protect the Hungarian-Serbian border, migration is a problem that affects the entire world and it should be addressed in the migrants’ countries of origin.

The problem cannot be fixed with migrant quotas or with any kind of deal with Turkey, he added.