Jun 19, 2019

Deputy PM publishes new book on modern-day Christianity

Yesterday saw the launch of a new book by Zsolt Semjén, Deputy Prime Minister. Titled "On Earth as it is in Heaven", the volume offers indispensable advice for living life in accordance with traditional Christian values.

Drawing on his background as a theologian and religious philosopher, Deputy PM Semjén condenses the key teachings of Christianity into 100 essential theses. In traditional fashion, these are complemented with Semjén’s own ponderings on the question of nationality, nationalism, and everyday life in the church. In addition, there's also a detailed bibliography allowing readers to acquaint themselves with the hundreds of resources quoted in the text.

“Does the European Union have a soul? Will it transform into an intellectually, culturally coherent community, or will it remain an economic-political cooperation instead?” he asks in the book. “What would the future of the Union look like without a universally applicable code of conduct, or one, universally-applicable code of conduct?” he adds.

“For the European community to have a future, it must return to its Christian roots. Christianity and the European community are indivisible. Christianity can exist without Europe, but Europe will fall into despair without it,” he argues.

Deputy PM Semjén names the Christian Democratic party as the bearer of a brighter future, because this is the party that insists on efficiency and decency. According to the author, the KDNP is the most successful formation in the history of politics, a force to be reckoned with in the EU and beyond.

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