Jan 25, 2017

Driver error most likely cause of Hungarian bus crash tragedy

Investigators have not found any evidence that indicates mechanical failure and no brake marks were found at the scene

Driver error is the most likely cause of the devastating bus crash in Italy that claimed the lives of 16 Hungarian citizens.

Investigators have not found any evidence that indicates mechanical failure in relation to the tragic bus crash, Péter Szijjártó, minister of Foreign Affiars and Trade, has said.

“The Italian authorities have, however, confirmed the previous reports that no brake marks were found at the scene," the minister said “After interviewing the witnesses, the police have come to the conclusion that there are no contradictions in the statements provided and nobody reported anything unusual happening in the moments before the crash," he added.

“Only the relatives of one of the victims remain in Verona and their travel home is being organized with the assistance of the Consulate General," Minister Szijjártó said.

There is no change in the condition of the two critically injured passengers according to information from the hospital, their condition has not worsened, but the victim who suffered serious burns has had to receive skin grafts.

Minister Szijjártó also noted that the DNA samples required for the identification of the bodies have already been taken from relatives, but that the taking of samples from the bodies themselves is proving to be more difficult than the Italian authorities envisaged, and as a result the DNA tests may take a few days longer to complete.

Hungary’s association of funeral directors has offered to transport the bodies home, and the required vehicles and professionals are at their disposal.