Jun 18, 2019

Emil Neszmélyi reaches Denali Mountain summit

A Hungarian lawyer has successfully climbed the Denali Mountain in Alaska, United States.

Emil Neszmélyi made two attempts before finally reaching the notoriously difficult, 6,194-meter-high summit, the last in America he had yet to climb.

The Denali is predominantly used by US specialist military training units. The brisk temperature conditions and the swiftly-changing landscape make the mountain particularly arduous to climb.

The remarkable achievement marked a step ahead for the 43-year-old Hungarian lawyer-turned-mountain climber. Having completed the 7 Summits challenge with flying colors, Neszmélyi is on the lookout for the next, inhumanly-demanding project to undertake.

The incredible accomplishment boiled down to grit, determination and hard-wired will power, Neszmélyi indicated in a video interview shot before he started climbing. “The mind is a powerful master,” Neszmélyi remarked, stating that “I don’t care how long it will take me until I get up there. Two attempts weren’t enough, we’ll see.”