May 27, 2016

EU accuses Hungary of discrimination against Roma children

Hungary has been given two months to respond to the EU's official warning

The European Union has waded in again and issued a warning to Hungary about the discrimination of Roma children in the country's education system.

According to the EU's Executive Commission, an infringement procedure has been launched because of concerns that Roma are disproportionately over-represented in Hungarian schools for the mentally disabled as well as being segregated in mainstream schools.

What's more, the EU has given Hungary two months to respond with outlined steps to be taken to combat the issue.

The EU Commission said that it wants Roma children to have equal access to education, which it called a "determining factor" for job opportunities and the inclusion of Roma in Hungarian life. The Roma are Hungary's largest and poorest ethnic minority.

The EU recently sent similar warnings on the same issue of Roma education to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.