Aug 12, 2016

Germans escape migrant crisis by relocating to Hungary

Hungary is becoming a safe haven for Europeans fleeing migrant hit nations in fear of terrorism, German media reports.

German citizens are fleeing their homeland to ecape the migrant crisis imposed upon them by Angela Merkel, ZDF Heute has reported today.

What's more, a majority of Germans are deciding to relocate to Hungary because it's “cheap" and free of illegal migrants. According to an estate agent and a German couple interviewed by the German news outlet, 80 percent of Germans interested in buying a property in Bavaria are fleeing Merkel’s policies.

One participant said that the Hungarian Prime Minister has protected his country with a border fence against “intruders and economic migrants”.

The report also eludes to the fact that Orbán sees Hungary as a counter-example to European “immigrant societies” and portrays Hungary as a harmonious country which is free from terrorism.

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