Jun 30, 2016

Government to provide replacement bus service for M3 renovations

Around 150 buses are needed for a replacement service for when the M3 line goes through renovations in November

The Hungarian government are set to resolve the issue of replacement bus services when the M3 metro line goes through extensive renovations later this year, it has been announced.

János Lázár told Klubradio that the government is set to meet the Budapest Municipal Council’s deadline for making a resolution regarding the necessary replacement buses for the M3 metro line’s renovations.

"The government is happy to help with material instruments, too," Lázár said. "Technical negotiations" are currently ongoing, and the final determination will be published in the official gazette by Tuesday, he said.

István Tarlós, Mayor of Budapest, said that the city would purchase replacement buses if the government does not guarantee by midnight on Tuesday that it will cover the additional costs to contract bus services instead of buying them.

It has been estimated that around 150 buses are necessary to replace service on the M3 metro line during the renovation, which has an estimated cost of 140 billion HUF and is expected to begin in November.