Mar 14, 2020

Here’s a summary of the Coronavirus Operation Group’s latest press conference

New coronavirus patients are doing fine, no healthcare worker has been infected, new digital curriculum to be launched on Monday. Here’s a summary of the Operation Group’s main announcements earlier today.

Here is the new work schedule due to the coronavirus in public education and vocational training institutions

After the government ordered schools to be closed due to the coronavirus and decided to introduce a digital work schedule, the Department of Human Resources announced the new public education rules on Saturday.

The information reveals that teachers are paid in the same way as before. EMMI emphasizes that all public education institutions are affected by the decision, except kindergartens, pedagogical service institutions, and institutions providing pedagogical and professional services.

Students are not allowed to enter their school from Monday. The distribution of curriculum, lessons and essay writing will be done online or in a way that does not require a personal meeting. 

EMMI also addresses the issue of student nutrition, stressing that it remains a municipal task. However, the ministry states that this should not be the case in schools and that, where appropriate, students should be provided with the best possible locally available meal options.

No healthcare workers infected

A health worker has been in contact with an infected person, but no health workers have tested positive for the virus.

Spa closures to be decided by operators

The Ministry of Health has not submitted a proposal for all baths to be closed, but closures will be decided upon by each individual operator.

No further tightening of rules at Budapest Airport

Tibor Lakatos, the head of the Operational Corps, said there will be no further rules or tightening of regulations at Budapest Airport.

Municipalities can decide on their own kindergarten closures

Municipalities can decide whether to close or keep open kindergartens within their own local power structure.

Educate children in small groups

The government's remote learning proposal is not a break from education, but an introduction of a new, digital agenda. Zoltán Maruzsa, State Secretary for Public Education, said children must be supervised and taught in small groups, with the involvement of families and neighbors.

Government offices should be visited only in an emergency

Tibor Lakatos, the head of the Operational Corps, said government offices must be avoided, and any necessary documents will be received only by post.

New coronavirus patients are doing fine

The six new coronavirus cases registered in the last 24 hours are all in hospital quarantine and are doing fine.

Tibor Lakatos, the head of the Operational Corps, which is working to prevent the spread of the virus, said some of the patients are contact cases, while others are new virus cases.