Jul 25, 2016

Hundreds of illegal immigrants march on Hungarian border

More than 300 illegal immigrants are making a 200km trek to try and gain entry to Hungary

Hundreds of illegal immigrants have organized a march from the Serbian capital to the Hungarian border in protest against closed borders and restrictions on entry, it has been reported today.

A group of refugees and migrants arrived in northern Serbia’s Subotica, a town situated around 10km from the Hungarian border, after taking a train from Belgrade.

More than 300 people started the march on over the weekend with hopes of making the 200km trek to the Hungarian border today.

Hungary introduced strict border control measures on July 5, leaving hundreds of refugees and migrants at the border.

In September 2015, Hungary built a fence along the 175km border with Serbia and criminalized breaching or damaging the fence to enter the country.

After the introduction of the new border restrictions, György Bakondi, chief advisor on homeland security to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, said the measures were introduced “to prevent illegal immigrants from being in Hungary, but [also] to allow those who wish to submit requests for asylum”.