Sep 27, 2017

Hungarian angler chased by 'frisky' wild boar

The latest Hungarian wild boar chase was flipped this time - the animal took a shine to a fisherman's car!

There have been several wild boar chases through Hungary in recent years, but the tables were turned over the weekend when a wild boar took a shine to an angler's car and chased him all the way to the highway.

In the hilarious video, below, the fisherman was attacked by the 'frisky' animal as he sat on the banks of the river Danube in Visegrad. The boar then proceeded to chase and play with the vehicle as he tried to make a hasty exit.

"After I made it to the car, it caught up with me and started chasing the car for 50 minutes. It was rubbing itself on the car, cutting off my way, pushing the car, grunting, and basically, not caring about me trying to chase it away. It accompanied me a long way, almost to Route 11," the traumatized man told

We wonder whether bacon was on the menu for breakfast this morning!