May 09, 2016

Hungarian Government declares a nationwide state of emergency due to mass migration

Hungary is increasing new restrictions to protect the borders

The Hungarian government has declared a nationwide state of emergency due to mass migration, according to Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér.

Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia have also followed suit and all nations are increasing new restrictions to protect their borders, it has been revealed.

Hungary's Ministry of Interior has submitted a bill to Parliament with a view to reinforcing the legal protection of the state borders.

Minister Pintér said that the purpose of the bill is to ensure that "not a single migrant should be able to stay in the territory of Hungary illegally".

Parliament will start debating the bill May 17 and, if passed, would amend laws on the state borders, asylum, and the entry and residence of third-country nationals.

The minister described the bill as significant from the respect of the security of the Hungarian people and the protection of the Schengen borders.

The government has recently allocated 9.3 billion HUF for the purpose of reinforcing the physical protection of the southern border.