Jul 27, 2016

Hungarian government sends its condolences to France following ISIS attack

Terrorism can only be prevented by stopping illegal migration, which is why Hungary protects its own and the European Union’s external borders

The Hungarian government has expressed its condolences to the family of the elderly priest killed in an ISIS terror attack in France, it has been announced.

Peter Szijjártó, minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said he was shocked to hear the news of “another barbaric attack” in France after the four attacks carried out in Germany last week.

“The terrorists have crossed another line” with the killing of the French priest, Szijjártó said. The attack has made it clear that the terrorists not only want to murder Europeans but they also want to destroy European culture, religion and civilization, he said.

“All responsible politicians must ask themselves the question: do we want to live with fear and terror?" Szijjártó added.

“The government has provided its answer. The Hungarian government was elected by the people of Hungary; it is responsible for the safety of the Hungarian people and this is what determines its decisions," he said.

“The prerequisite to halting the terror is stopping illegal immigration and this is why Hungary is protecting its own borders and the external borders of the European Union," the minister concluded.