Jun 14, 2016

Hungarians hold candle-lit vigil for Orlando tragedy

Representatives from different social groups within Hungary attended memorial service in remembrance of those who lost their lives

More than 200 Hungarians held a candle-lit vigil at the Catholic Church on Ferenciek tére last night to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the Orlando terrorist attack.

It was a solemn occasion and many were brought to tears as the crowd remembered the 50 dead and more than 53 injured when an Islamic extremist opened fire in a crowded Florida nightclub on Sunday morning.

There were representatives from many different groups of Hungarian society, from the LGBT community, straight, young, old and multi-cultured.

One attendee pointed out that "this could happen in any nightclub, cafe or shopping mall in any city in the world. We have to come together to remember the dead but also ensure that this can't happen again. We have to be united and strong against terrorism and be vigilant."

While the Hungarian vigil was taking place similar memorial services were held around the world to remember the dead.

The US shooting - which was carried out by a man that pledged loyalty to ISIS - has now been confirmed as the worst loss of life from a single shooting in American history.

Yesterday Hungarian authorities highlighted that unless the European migrant crisis can be brought under control a tragedy like this will happen again, much closer to home.