Aug 02, 2016

Hungarians must stop EU plans for a 'townful of illegal immigrants'

It is important that every Hungarian should have the opportunity to state their opinions at the October 2 referendum

The Hungarian people must help stop Brussels' plans to settle a townful of illegal immigrants in Hungary, Bence Tuzson, state secretary for Government communication, has said.

Tuzson said the move would only increase the risk of terrorism and crime and lead to an unsafe nation.

He pointed out that the European Union would extend an invitation to the continent to millions if – by curtailing national sovereignty – it withdrew within its own competence the assessment of asylum requests and implemented a mandatory mechanism for the distribution of those arriving in Europe.

Instead of stopping immigration, Brussels "would bring people in to the European Union conveyor-belt-style," he said.

He remarked that the individual requests of the newly arriving illegal immigrants would be assessed by pro-immigration bureaucrats in Brussels.

Hungary itself would fall victim to this process as tens of thousands would settle in the country despite the will of the Hungarian people, Tuzson said.

He added that this is one of the reasons why the government finds it important that all Hungarians should have the opportunity to state their opinions at the October 2 referendum, and this is why the government is asking the people to say no to the mandatory settlement quotas.

He further pointed out that, in addition to the inherent security risks, the settlement of immigrants would also convey the threat of changing the cultures and traditions of the nations in the long run.

Therefore, the Hungarian referendum is about a fundamental issue that could determine Hungary’s future for the next 50 to 200 years, he added.

He reiterated that one and a half million people arrived in the European Union last year, and this year, too, more than half a million people have reached the continent, while the pressure of migration is still not abating.

Tuzson mentioned as an example that in Libya alone there are one million people waiting, and another three million in camps in Turkey. He further remarked that while Europe’s population has increased by twenty percent in the past one hundred years, that of the Arabic world has risen nine-fold.

According to the government’s representative, under these circumstances, the European Union can only choose to take firm action because the management of immigration as a controlled process constitutes an invitation to Europe.

He stressed that the Hungarian Cabinet finds it unacceptable, and it is likewise contrary to EU rights, that Brussels would impose a penalty of 78 million HUF per immigrant on the Member States that reject the forced settlement of immigrants.

"Hungary will not sign any contract or agreement in which it would resign its fundamental right to decide whom we may live together with in Hungary," he concluded.