Apr 03, 2020

Hungarians thank healthcare workers with applause

Hungarians at home due to the coronavirus epidemic have thanked those who are still working during these difficult times with applause, music and singing.

As many countries around the world salute their healthcare workers, Hungarians have started their own clapping campaign to express support and gratitude to healthcare and social workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Up and down the country, people stand at their windows or in their gardens at 8pm in the evenings to clap in unison to thank those involved in the fight against the coronavirus. The aim of the initiative is to clap for two minutes to show support for those at the front line of the epidemic: doctors, nurses, social and elderly care workers, and pharmacists.

Many groups have already been formed on social media with thousands of members, with the same goal and motto: the more we applaud at 8 o'clock in the evening, the greater the chance that those concerned will hear our thanks.

From windows and balconies, there is sometimes music accompanying applause, usually members of the public choosing a song or a piece of classical music with a symbolic message.

Here’s a video from a recent applause in Budapest: