May 01, 2018

Hungary helps farmers both here and abroad

With emerging foreign economic development plans, new opportunities open up for Hungarian farmers.

The government has revealed that eighty percent of applications submitted for its support system launched in the Mezőség region were from farmers.

According to the Transylvanian newspaper Kódex, István Csomortányi. President of the Association of Hungarian Farmers in Transylvania (EMGESZ), said that although the benefits tend to be distributed to individuals, the aim is to generate profits for whole communities.

Csomortányi believes it is crucial to keep arable lands running which will provide new work opportunities for many living in nearby areas.

EMGESZ is part of the Hungarian Farmers' Forum of the Carpathian Basin (KEF), an alliance that became the most important meeting point for Hungarian farmers to share and receive information on the gravest needs and problems in their regions.

This cooperation is supported by the National Chamber of Agriculture which also operates a network for village-economists – a body of more than 600 experts that provide consultation for farmers and strive to ease their administrational burden.

The EMGESZ president also highlighted how the forum discussed that Hungarian companies operating beyond the borders should be afforded certain benefits for farmers there.

One proposal was the widespread extension of the Hungarian alleviation system for hail damages. The first step would see a 30-60 kilometres extension belt by the Hungarian border that would protect Hungarian farmers in the Partium region.

All these plans and advances will most probably contribute to the economic growth of Hungarians beyond our borders, he concluded.