Sep 02, 2016

Hungary is prepared for the immigration problem

A new fence is to be erected on the Hungarian-Serbian border, new police personnel, and army presence ensure Hungary's full security

The Hungarian government is prepared for the problem of immigration over the next few years, and will therefore reinforce the fence built on the border and maintain live-force protection, János Lázár, the minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office has said.

The minister indicated that the purpose of the new fence planned to be erected on the Hungarian-Serbian border is to ensure full security. Additionally, they will hire new police personnel, and they also intend to reinforce the army, both in terms of live and defense force, he added.

If the Hungarian electors do not help the government in the October 2 referendum, it will not have enough strength to "ward off” the European Commission’s decision on the mandatory resettlement of migrants.

The alteration of Brussel's decision takes strength which may only come from the electorate, he said. In Lázár’s view, those campaigning for boycotting the referendum are weak-hearted politicians because they do not have the courage to state their position.