Dec 08, 2017

Hungary's FM says the mandatory resettlement quota was “unimplementable” at LIBE hearing

"Hungary will fight till the last breath to ensure that decisions that go against the security and will of the Hungarian people do not come into force," the foreign minister said

Hungary's foreign minister has said that the decision on the mandatory resettlement quota was “unimplementable” following his attendance at the LIBE hearing in Brussels on Thursday.

“Hungary is in a major dispute with the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) with relation to illegal immigration, which is a key determining issue from the perspective of the continent’s future," Péter Szijjártó, minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said .

He added that while the LIBE Committee and the majority of MEP’s regard illegal immigration as a positive development, the Hungarian government regards it as dangerous and the decision on mandatory resettlement quotas as a "bad and damaging decision".

"“The government rejects illegal immigration and mandatory settlement quotas, and will continue to fight for the interests and security of the Hungarian people," the minister said. “It should be the absolute duty of European institutions to introduce measures to restore European security instead of picking on certain member states."

Minister Szijjártó said he had no doubt that the report on Hungary “had already been written”, that the political motivation behind “the political witch-hunt against Hungary” would be clearly visible from the report, and that the report would “not be independent” of George Soros’s standpoint.

“Hungary has an interest in a strong European Union, and this requires debates on the future of Europe to by conducted within the boundaries of rationality," the minister said. He also cited the fact that “debates are beginning to be ruled by hypocrisy and political correctness” as one of the EU’s greatest problems.

The minister emphasized that nobody is claiming that all migrants are terrorists, but voiced his opinion that illegal immigration represents a major risk, as proven by the events of recent years. He said the EU “is facing the most serious threat of terrorism ever”, and accordingly the continent’s security must be put in order as soon as possible, and Hungary is already performing its fair share of these efforts.