Nov 29, 2017

Hungary's National Consultation survey receives a record 2.2 million responses

Last chance for public to send in National Consultation responses before the December 1st deadline

Hungary's National Consultation survey has so far received a record  2,238,925 responses from the public, it has been revealed. According to, 2,072,981 arrived by letter and 165,944 were submitted via the internet. 

The Hungarian government announced last week that it will extend the deadline for responding to the National Consultation survey on the so-called "Soros plan" until December 1st.

According to sources, the government extended the deadline because the public were still responding, but most importantly to allow for the recent vote by the European Parliament to launch the EU's migrant relocation scheme.

In a recent video message posted on Facebook, Csaba Dömötör, parliamentary state secretary at the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, said there was “a good reason” for the record participation rate in the public survey which canvassed opinion on the so-called “Soros Plan”, in reference to US billionaire George Soros' plan to import migrants into Europe and distribute them among EU member states.

When the response rate reached 1.75 million last week, the state secretary said “the real political struggle is just starting” because the plan to relocate migrants on a mandatory basis without an upper limit “is now being implemented”.

Dömötör said the issue did not concern a domestic political struggle but rather Hungary’s future. He encouraged everyone to take part in the consultation and help to support the government and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s fight against the plan.