Aug 18, 2016

Hungary's referendum could see other EU countries follow suit

Hungary has no plans to leave the EU but it will protect the security of its people and the culture and traditions of the nation

Hungary’s upcoming referendum on migrant quotas could encourage other countries with a similar foreign policy position to follow suit, László Kövér, House Speaker, has said.

In an interview published in Heti Válasz today, Kövér said “it would be difficult to conceive that the European Union should in a political sense neglect the opinion of a member country’s voters", in relation to the outcome of the referendum vote.

Referring to allegations that the October 2 quota referendum is in fact paving the way for Hungary to quit the EU, Kövér said that EU “membership is in Hungary’s fundamental interests despite all reservations”. He added, however, that he “would not want to see” the community grow into “an empire oppressing national sentiment”.

Kövér also promoted the Fidesz party, and said it was the “best political option”, MTI states today.

He argued that the ruling party “not only has a vision for Hungary’s future but can also successfully handle challenges”. The opposition, on the other hand, “has no values or mission apart from the mighty desire to win power”.

In connection with critical remarks on the assets of some ministers, Kövér said that “they may have been unprepared for an increasing exposure to attacks as they grow wealthier; irrespective of whether those assets were obtained legitimately or not”.