Jul 01, 2016

Hungary's referendum on migrant quotas is for the people

Brexit came about because of the migrant crisis, Hungary is determined to maintain strong relations with Britain despite EU exit

Hungary's referendum on the forced migration quotas is not aimed at belittling the EU, but solely a tool used to make the people's voice heard.

"The referendum is not aimed against the EU, but is, in actual fact, a good example of how to consult with the electorate on an issue of great significance," János Lázár, the minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, has said.

Hungary is also seeking to ensure that Britain should remain our strategic ally, Lázár added, during his weekly press conference.

The minister said that the government will set up a task force for managing the consequences of Brexit.

Hungary has a vested interest in maintaining economic and political cooperation with Britain. Measures will be taken to ensure that the long negotiating process should be successful in terms of Britain’s exit and the conditions for new cooperation, he stressed.