Apr 01, 2016

Hungary to challenge European Commission in court

Hungary is in dispute with the European Commission in some ten cases regarding the EU grant disbursements during the period between 2007-2013. However, in four cases Hungary disagrees with the Commission, and these will therefore be taken to the European Court as expected, the minister of state in the prime minister’s office said.

Nándor Csepreghy said that the other six cases will probably be closed with agreements, which means that Hungary will be fined. However, no agreement is expected to be reached on the four disputed cases as the Government does not admit to being wrong regarding the issues in dispute, and does not wish to pay a single euro unjustly. According to the information of the Minister of State, the four cases concern a sum of some HUF 70 to 80 billion. The dispute will be closed in May 2017 which is the deadline for the completion of the entire settlement procedure, he added.