Apr 15, 2016

István Simicskó attends GLOBSEC security policy conference

Minister of Defense István Simicskó is this year's GLOBSEC 2016 security policy conference in Bratislava, April 15. The main topics of the three-day event are the migrant crisis, the crisis in the Middle East, the Islamic State and the war in Syria as well as the effects of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine and Syria and the lead-up to the NATO Summit in Warsaw.

The participants of the event will also discuss the possible outcome of the presidential election in the United States and the future of transatlantic cooperation.  

Established 11 years ago, GLOBSEC began a platform for coordinating security and defense policy in the region of central Europe. Today, it also provides an important forum for European and transatlantic dialogue. Similar to the Munich Security Conference (MSC), in addition to politicians, a number of different research and analysis organizations and companies also attend the event. The forum was opened by Slovakian President Andrej Kiska, and the keynote speech delivered by German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen. Minister of Defense István Simicskó will attend the first session, which focuses on current challenges and seeks to answer the question of how the strengthening of the Visegrád Four (V4) cooperation contributes to a stronger europe. The Hungarian minister of defense is also scheduled to meet with his German and Slovak counterparts in Bratislava. 

The agenda of the German–Hungarian meeting includes military-to-military relations, the lead-up to the NATO Summit in Warsaw, the crisis in Ukraine and the European security situation (with special regard to the migration situation). 

The Hungarian–Slovak bilateral meeting will mainly focus on military-to-military cooperation. 

The main organizers of the event are the Slovak Atlantic Commission (SAC) and the Central European Strategy Council.